Monday, March 27, 2017


Fallen heroes make me think; heroes who haven't lived to their prime and yet have left a mark on this world. With my neo-realistic thinking I have been wondering lately if the dead and gone are worth talking about and if we just bide our time and divert focus from issues that need thinking about by idle reminiscing.

The world has seen so many weirdos, so many net-loss makers and yet has been seeing people with substance and people who are tirelessly trying to tip the balance back. Just as it needn't be a zero-sum game in economies so need it not be with goodness. The pie of goodness can indeed expand wiping out the bad in the process. I never believe it more than I do today.

Not many of people worth talking about are being talked about. Some never bothered for media attention and the media did not consider them worth covering. And yet, oblivious to everything they had been going about their business as they would have liked. And that's what makes them fascinating.

We definitely do need role models. So remember this next time you feel useless, our very existence can be a beacon to someone somewhere now or tomorrow. So, please express yourself, just in case you get hit by a bus tonight.

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